Palmer HONEYCOMB Snowboard , 156cm, 164cm

Palmer HONEYCOMB Snowboard , 156cm, 164cm
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Product Description

  • PREPREG/NCF (NON-CRIMP-FABRIC) - Prepreg adds the perfect amount of glue exactly where it is needed and not a drop more. It ensures durability, long life, and consistency in flex and ride. Where other manufacturers use wet lamination to save money, Palmer maintains its commitment to quality by using prepreg in all boards.
  • New DPD KLOTHOID SHAPE - The optimised interaction between the sidecut and the nose and tail surfaces. DPD stands for Dynamic Power Distribution to the edges. Klothoid represents the numerous radii (circles) that define the sidecut, and DPD extends these radii into the nose and tail kick. In practical terms this means more control and effortless handling, thanks to an optimised edge grip. DPD pushes edge-hold, stability and acceleration to a new standard of handling and safety.
  • TIP TO TAIL NOMEX™ HONEYCOMB - Made of impregnated aramid fiber, ten times lighter than wood with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Because Nomex™ is not affected by moisture, corrosion does not occur like it does with cores made of aluminium or paper. Palmers Honeycomb is filled with 99% air, making for a super-light and responsive board.
  • POPLAR/ OKUME - Woodcore Reinforcements.
  • 4 TIP TO TAIL CARBON FIBRE STRIPS - Gives the board additional liveliness, more pop, strength and edge grip. Palmer place carbon fiber in special configurations to modify the board’s longitudinal flex, torsional stiffness, and to improve power distribution from the bindings to the edges of the board.
  • CAP-SIDEWALL CONSTRUCTION - The most expensive to produce but combines the advantages of both sidewall and cap construction to distribute maximum power to the edges! ID-2000 sidewalls overlap the steel edges completely and guarantee maximum durability, precise edge grip and vibration dampening.


  • Length: 156 cm or 164cm
  • Effective Edge: 119 cm
  • Waist: 25.6 cm or 15.8 cm
  • Good for UK boots size UK 8.5 to 11.5
  • Stance Width: 45 to 61 cm
  • Stance Set Back: 2 cm
  • Maximum Rider Weight: Up to 95 Kg

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