Mizuno MBL11 Buw League Series 12 inch baseball glove

Mizuno MBL11 Buw League Series 12 inch baseball glove
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Mizuno introduces the BUW League, Baseball Unites the World, supporting athletes from around the world. BUW League ball gloves represent the quality and performance that athletes everywhere strive to acheive. While baseball may be America's pastime, the sport has spread to all parts of the glove, and Mizuno has been there every step of the way. The BUW League represents more than 400 professional baseball players from around the world. From the playgrounds of Havana to Major League ballparks, Mizuno takes pride in supporting the atheltes of today and the stars of tomorrow.

This glove is made in the USA at Mizunos state-of-the-art glove crafting facility. This glove offers the Centuries Best traditional pattern and innovative new Global Elite leather for outstanding feel and durability. It has exclusive Amphibian lining for superior comfort. It has innovative Pocket Shaping Technology for position specific pocket formation and improved durability.
  • NEW-Coming in February 2003

  • 12" baseball infield pattern
  • Made in the USA at Mizuno's state-of-the-art glove crafting facility
  • Innovative Pocket Shaping Technology for position specific pocket
  • New Global Elite leather for outstanding durability and feel
  • Exclusive "Amphibian" lining for superior comfort
  • Matching embroidered glove bag availalbe.(sold seperately.)

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