Mountain Hardwear - Spectre SL - 800+ Down Expedition Sleeping Bag

Mountain Hardwear - Spectre SL - 800+ Down Expedition Sleeping Bag
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All new Mountain Hardwear's Spectre SL 20 Degree 800 Fill Down bag is a totally watertight bag. From Mountain Hardwear's top of line expedition lines, with welded seams and a Conduit shell, the Spectre will keep you warm AND dry down to 25F.
  • weight: 2 lb 12 oz/1.2 kg
  • temp rating: 20 F/-7 C
  • fill type: Down
  • shape: Mummy
  • fill weight: 1 lb 0 oz/454 g
  • loft: 5 in/12.7 cm
  • inside length: 6 ft 6 in/2 m
  • shoulder girth: 5 ft 1 in/1.5 m
  • foot girth: 3 ft 2 in/1 m
  • stuffed diameter: 7.5 in/19 cm
  • stuffed length: 1 ft 4 in/40.6 cm
  • insulation: 800-fill Down
  • laminate: Conduit SL
  • shell fabric: SL Ripsto ...
This is what Backpacker Magazine had to say about the Mountain Hardwear Spectre SL 20 Degree Down 800 Fill Sleeping Bag in April 2003, the paradox of down is legendary: We love the light, fluffy, compressible warmth, but hate the soggy, wilted-lettuce misery of wet feathers. So when Mountain Hardwear rolled out a down bag and told us it was waterproof, we were excited-and skeptical. The first stormy night our equipment editor spent in the Spectre, a steady downpour pounded the bag. He admits, "It felt unnatural, like pitching a tent in your living room. But soon enough I realized the inside of the bag was staying warm and dry, and I went happily to sleep with the pitter-patter of rain closer than ever before." How does the Spectre work? The shell is made with Conduit (Mountain Hardwear's proprietary waterproof/breathable fabric), the seams are welded, and a storm flap protects the zipper. The most significant innovation is the welding, or gluing, technology that seals the seams and makes the Spectre the first watertight bag that really works and has a reasonable price tag. But don't throw out your tent just yet. The Spectre isn't really intended for use alone in the rain (water will enter through the hood), but rather as the ideal sack for tarps, single-wall shelters, and snow caves, where wind-blown moisture and condensation are your big concerns. The Spectre easily shed drizzly weather in the Smokies, and it puffed up reasonably well even after we stuffed it wet. All testers agreed the bag's 25°F rating is conservative, thanks to plenty of 800-fill-power down, a snug-fitting hood, heat-trapping draft collar, and a comfortably efficient cut. (Need more warmth? Try the 10°F Banshee SL.) Our only complaints: The membrane left us slightly clammy in moderate temps.

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