Oakley A-Frame Snow Goggles, Overcast Frame, Skiing, Snowbroading

Oakley A-Frame Snow Goggles, Overcast Frame, Skiing, Snowbroading
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Product Description

All new Oakley A-Frame Snow Goggles, Skiiers' and Snowboarders' top choice. Stylish goggles for lightweight eye protection with excellent peripheral vision on the slopes.
  • Lightweight, comfortable frames are lined with three layers of foam for a cushioned, comfortable seal
  • Persimmon & VR28 & VR50 lens for low to mid light; High Intensity Yellow & High Intensity Persimmon & G30 for mid light; Black Iridium & Pink Iridium & Blue Iridium & VR28 Black Iridium & Gold Iridium lens for Mid to bright light; Fire Iridium lens for bright light.

Overcast (Grey / light purple)

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