Product Review: Philips Norelco 8894XL Spetra Shaving System

Product Review: Philips Norelco 8894XL Spetra Shaving System

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James Bond's razor of choice, this rechargeable Norelco Spectra shaver features a sleek design with 3 individually floating heads adjustable to your skin type.The selector dial adjusts spring and pressure of floating heads with 9 settings for sensitive to normal skin. A 2-stage cutting action with lift and cut technology uses slots to cut long hairs and holes to shave stubble smooth, while the full-width pop-up trimmer handles the detail work. The integrated LED display shows shaving minutes remaining, plus cleaning and head replacement indicators. A 1-hour full-charge gives you 100 shaving minutes, while the 2-minute power-charge provides a 3-minute shave. When you're done, simply rinse clean. Includes deluxe leather pouch, stand, recharging power cord, cleaning brush and travel pouch. Automatic worldwide voltage adjustment. No. 8894XL. Imported. 5-1/2L"

First time using an electric April 17, 2004

Reviewer: nelson1820 from San Diego

I was strictly a blade user until I bought this shaver. I had used electric shavers before, but they didn't work very well and I got terrible razor burn. This one gave me a bit of razor burn at the start, but my face has rapidly adjusted. It is a great razor and I am happy I spent the money.

I must admit, this is a great shaver.. February 23, 2004

Reviewer: A guest from McKinney, TX USA

I've used several different types and brands of shavers over the years. Two Braun models, a Panasonic wet and dry, three or four Norelcos. I always go back to the Norelco triple heads because they work faster and seem to do the most with the least amount of touch up and irritation. My latest is the so called James Bond model. I never would have bought it except that I'd accumulated several gift certificates. Against my better judgement I bought this but can say now that I'm glad I did. Reason seems to point that this is really not a significant improvement from my existing Norelco. But... no touch up required from a Gillette manual razor, little to no irritation on my neck. The head design is a little more flexible. Ergonimically it is a joy to use. Great battery life. Subjectively the blades seem to rotate a little faster and the hole design of the head is a little different. Easy to clean by holding it under a faucet. It comes with a cool little stand too. Is it worth two bills? Probably not but what the heck. Great razor.

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The best Norelco yet. February 06, 2004

Reviewer: Howard Woodward from Miami, FL United States

The 8894SL Spectra Norelco tops its excellent Quadra model by a wide margin. It shaves noticeably closer and faster without irritation. I have used Norelcos for years and this is clearly the finest razor yet. It is a tad pricey, but my face is worth it. I recommend it highly.

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Stunning!! February 05, 2004

Reviewer: Richard P. Lanthier from Vienna, VA United States

I started my electric shaving experience with a Norelco. It was admittedly awful though somewhat less painful than the blade! I moved to a foil shaver (Braun) for about 10 years (two shavers) and recently had the opportunity for a full-featured upgrade. I was able to try the new Brauns at a local shaver store and was impressed and then tried the Spectra model. I was FLOORED. This is an excellent shaver. Battery life is unreal (I get about four-six weeks -- can't estimate well yet as I have only charged it ONCE after initial charge!), cleans in water, shaves quickly (and well), and very quiet. Yes, there is hype and gimmicry on this model (but the color, display, and battery are great!) and you may do just as well with a [less expensive] Spectra (or Quadra), but this is a great system. It looks and works really really great! :)

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Expensive but works great! January 15, 2004

Reviewer: A guest from Minnetonka, MN United States

I used an electric 10 years ago and it was average at best. Since then I've used a blade but had to battle with nicks and razor burn. The 8894XL solved all this as it's nearly as close as a blade but no more razor burn.

Shave time is 4-6 minutes and the trimmer works well on sideburns and goatee. I shave nearly everyday and go almost a month between charges.

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Best Norelco January 13, 2004

Reviewer: A guest from United States

Had the Reflex Action 5885XL and replaced it with the Quadra 6886XL last year. The Quadra was horrible (a bad shave that took 10 minutes) and I recently junked it. Given the above, I was a bit hesitant to pay for Norelco's latest gadget and looked into buying another Reflex Action (it worked for me and now was only $70). Either way, being that it had a money back guarantee, I ended up buying the 8894XL - excellent shaver - fast and close. The Spectra is nothing like the Quadra and closer than the Reflex Action. Of course, a 100 minute battery and rinse-ability are good to have as well. Worth it.

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Initial reactions January 10, 2004

Reviewer: Larry R. Harris from Manhattan Beach, CA United States

I have been using this razor for a couple of weeks, have loged about 87 minutes and it is going strong. There is little doubt that it will romp through 100 minutes in style. It is pretty much what I had been led to expect.
SPEED--The only thing slower than an old Norelco is 'stop'. The speed was significantly improved by the newer line, specifically the 5821XL. The Spectra is even faster, however psychologically, it seems like it could be lumbering along. Perhaps this is due to the razor being very quiet. It just seems a bit slower than my Grundig Avantgarde, but it isn't. Actually, it seems to get the job done about as quickly as my Panasonic Wet-Dry, which is faster than the wind.
CLOSENESS--It gives the illusion of not delivering a shave closer than the Grundig, but it does. In fact, my neck began feeling sensitive immediately due to the closeness (head pressure) of the shave. I completely acclimated after a week and this no longer is a problem. I probably should have put the razor on a more gentle setting but I just set it to N (normal...for the closest shave)and went about business. There is a 9 position setting that seems a bit over-hyped to me. I assume there are subtle differences, but after a short time, you will settle upon a setting and go from there. The wheel that sets this is almost impossible to read without a magnifying glass is not the most user-friendly thing I have seen, but in the long run is no big deal.

ERGONOMIC FEEL OF RAZOR--Excellent. The thumb naturally falls directly over the recessed electronic on-off switch.

DISPLAYS--Gives you elapsed time display of current minutes used as well as an overall display of remaining minutes is a very easy to read format. Occasionally a visual logo of a fosset appears that indicates when you should clean your razor under running water. This feature, called an 'Automatic Cleaning Indicator' seems to be hap-hazzard at best. There does not seem to be any correlation between amount of debris contained within the hair chamber and the display. Actually, just open the hair chamber (quick release button at the base of the head complex flips up the assembly) and give a quick blow after each shave and all returns to squeeky clean without having to resort to the Chineese water torture for the quick rinse off. Can't shave in wet, but cleaning is much quicker and easier to accomplish than for any other shaver I have owned, save for the Panasonic W/D.
PROTECTIVE COVER--Plastic, as per the industry. At best, they tend to .... This is not much better. Oh, it doesn't fall off all the time as does the Remmington Interceptor, but needs to be placed in a certain manner. There are 3 grippers on the cover. The slightly widest one goes to the back...that is, if you want a reasonable fit. I overcame this by puting a red mark on the obease one. Head covers are a big deal to me. That is what I like about the rather over-priced Grundig (built in and rolls into position).
TRIMMER--What can I say? It is a Norelco. You shave near your sideburns at your own risk. The good news however, is that the built in trimmer seems to get the job done better than most. The downside is that with other more conventional razors, we tend to do most of the dirty work during the shave proper, thus relegating the built in trimmer (worthless on so many makes) to a lesser usage.
RELIABILITY--Can't say after only a few weeks. Quien Sabe?, but if it is similar to other Norelco's, and I don't see why not, it should be very good. Certainly much better than the Panasonic line (especially lLinears)that sometimes die unpredictably. Once down for the count, they can't be repaired. If not under warranty, one is dead meat. The Spectra has a 2 year warranty coupled with a 60 day money-back guarantee (whatever that means...shipment costs, delays, etc.).

BOTTOM LINE--It seems well worth the money. I didn't give it a '5' because I don't view any razor as being worthy. I am still looking for my absolute favorite, the Eltron Universal to return to the market. Not as fast as some...a lousy trimmer, but man is it good to your face (provided you use the gold foil which has not been produced for many years). Not to be confused with the newer Eltrons, which are not even better (at least to me) than a Braun.

Addenda: It is now slightly over 1 month of usage. All is exactly as I found it initially. I have drained down to zero on the display on two separate occasions. Suggest you do that in order to properly condition the batteries. A full charge for me is aprox. 103 minutes. The shave is perhaps the most gentle of all my electric razors. Speed seems to be more than adequate.

Worth to buy ! January 10, 2004

Reviewer: Chissanucha. from Portland, OR United States

After I was doing my research for the best eletric shaver to be a Christmas gift for my husband, who's complaining a lot with his old one didn't work well !!!!(He had tried many before..) It was very hard to say which one is the best but as I read the customer reviews from many websites. I decided to get this one from amazon. I was afraid that he's not happy with it because he's so picky about things.. Well guess what ? !! He loves the way it works. He thanks me a thousand times and said this is the best shaver he ever had. It save his time shaving like 10 times ever !!! He said the result after shave it almost feels like shave with the normal razor shaver.(Very close result) I'm sorry that I couldn't describe why it's good. But if my husband say something's good. I know he's really mean it !!! And I always looks for the best thing for him. Thank you NOrelco James bond !!!

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TWO STEPS UP January 09, 2004

Reviewer: JIM O from NORWALK CT USA


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The Norelco 8894XL Spectra is FANTASTIC! January 04, 2004

Reviewer: Lawrence Parkhurst from Richfield, MN USA

I purchased the Norelco Spectra 8894XL about 2 weeks ago, and I am delighted with it's performance, gives the best overall shave I have ever experienced! It's a bit expensive, but it's worth it. ... The Norelco 8894 XL Spectra is quick, clean and very convienant. When you weigh in the over-all performance of this shaver, it pays for itself. I would recommend the 8894XL Spectra to any one looking for the right shave experience. I for one, see no cons about this one, trimmer is good and precise if used correctly. I give the Norelco 8894 XL Spectra a perfect grade!

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Why not the best? January 02, 2004

Reviewer: A guest from Lynnfield, MA United States

After 14 years my old Norelco, although still working, was starting to make too much noise during shaving. It had served me well, but when I saw "Die Another Day" I thought I would take a look at this new "007" model. After reading the specs, I bought it. It was better than I could have imagined! Quiet! It does its job with only a whisper! The head is a bit larger and has a very interesting design to mold to your face and chin as you move it from neck to chin, etc.-- very high tech. It is so smooth too. Honest, the first time I used it, I could not tell like it was even cutting my beard! No iritation at all. The same feel can be achieved on Normal or Sensitive skin settings. It is also the closest shaving razor yet! There is almost no difference in closeness between the 8894XL and a blade! The pop up trimmer is a little better than my old one too! The leather case is great for travel too! I had a friend try it (who had just received a new Braun as a gift). I think I'm in trouble with his wife, as now he wants to get one.
The battery will hold a charge for about 33-50 shaves depending on how tough your beard is. The cleaning interval is indicated on a display as well as the remaining number of minutes. Very cool. It is hard to imagine, but just running water cleans it very nicely. I use a hair dryer to make sure it is dry before I put it away.
Needless to say, I am very happy with this one. If you need a razor, why not treat yourself to the best? After all you "Only Live Twice."

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An Excellent Razor January 02, 2004

Reviewer: A guest from La Grange, IL United States

I have been using this razor for two weeks now. I feel that it is an excellent product. It provides the most comfortable shave that I have ever experienced with an electric. It also completes the task of performaning an acceptable shave much faster than the Brauns and Remingtons that I have used in the past. I would not hesitate to recommend this razor. The price is high but when amortized over the expected life of the product it is quite reasonable.

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"Q" got this one right! December 29, 2003

Reviewer: c Van Horne from Monroe, NC United States

So James Bond uses this razor: that's not the reason for you to buy it. I am a 20 year user of upper-end disposables (Mach 3, since it came out) and my wife decided it was time for me to ditch the expense and time of the lather and water. I have tried many electrics: Braun, Panasonic even Norelco but the Spectra 8894XL tops them all. Make sure you give your face time to adjust. Most people expect an electric to shave as close as a true razor...give it 2 weeks and you will be pleased with the results.

As for the razor itself:
1. The Comfort Control System is for real...I develop ingrown hairs, but the Spectra has eliminated 99% of this problem.
2. You will love the informative display: IF you are a techno junkie like me...if not, go with the 8825XL; same razor, minus the Lithium battery and Display.
3. Low noise...your wife will love this one. I can talk on my cell phone and shave...While driving! (don't try it!)
4. Rinse with water! 'nuff said
5. Leather Case...a touch of class from Phillips on this one.
6. 60 day money-back guarantee!

1. The pop-up trimmer feels cheap and is difficult to use.
2. The Plastic Head-Cover and Stand are useless...and feel cheap.
3. Expensive, and I'm tight!...BUT it is worth the money...
4. The blue power cord does NOT match the razor...(trivial, but true!)

Trust me on this one: The 8894XL is the razor to buy if you are switching to an electric...give it a week or 2 and you will not be disappointed.

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Beyond all other shavers December 21, 2003

Reviewer: Eric Antonow from Chicago, IL United States

I was acutally hired to test this along with two other rotary models and 5 other electric straight edges (remington-like) in a recent product test. All of us in the test group came back with the overwhelming nod toward the Spectra in every category -- comfort, closeness and easy of use.

I've personally used a Norelco (the low end model) for a few years. Good but not great. This is a completely different animal with better cutting design for both better closeness on the face and more comfort on the neck and other angles. After a week of testing I really didn't want to return it.

The 'extra' features didn't matter much to me when I started, but my opinion quickly changed. Have a 'minutes remaining' to recharge was very useful when travelling. I knew whether I needed to bring the cord or not. That it is water resistant meant a little less worry when working near the wet sink. (I've also had this strange anxiety about it accidentally kerplunking into the that fear is gone.)

There are not too many devices I use everyday, and that's how I'd justify the price. My cheaper norelco has been with me for about 5 years and I expect at least the same for this guy, so it can be amortized to about 10 cents a day.

I have tried and compared it to the others. Truly the best one out there, and I think you'd sacrifice a great deal taking a step down in price.

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Spectra is the one to get... December 13, 2003

Reviewer: John A. Coleman from Holmdel, New Jersey USA

I've been delaying writing this review of the Spectra 8894xl as I really wanted to use it for a month or more before I commented on it. I'm happy to report that I'm loving it! The only real weakness is the long hair trimmer as it's marginal at best.

I'm completely convinced that the Norelco rotary floating head system is far superior then the linear blade foil systems found on other razors like the Panasonic and Braun. I've owned them all. This is not to say they don't work well, but in my experience they are more biting and do a less then adequate job in the neck area. You can also get a circular rhythm with the rotary that you can't get with the linear. Some people complain there is less control with the Norelco, especially around the side burns. This is true, but I've found that once you get used to navigating the Norelco it becomes second nature.

One thing that threw me off before the purchase was a complaint I read about this razor having slots and holes on the foils heads. More specifically, the complaint was that it took a longer time to shave with the Spectra then it does with the Reflex action and Advantage. I can't comment on the Reflex action but I can comment on the Advantage as I own one. There is some truth to this! The difference is the Advantage has many more slots and more blades as compared to the Spectra. The Spectra has 9 blades per head for a total of 27 for the three heads. The claim is that this gives it a more open structure and allows for a sharper blade angle that lifts whiskers sooner and higher for a closer shave. The Advantage on the other hand has 15 blades per head for a total of 45 blades. That equates to more coverage - 60% to be exact. This combined with the fact the Advantage foil has all slots explains why you can plow through more whiskers in less time. However, this notwithstanding, the spectra may take a little longer to shave but the configuration gives a much closer shave. The stubble slots also do tend to take care of the shorter whiskers by catching them and allowing the blades to cut them.

Now a word on battery life and the LED; the battery life of 100 minutes is amazing, I've only had to charge the razor twice since I owned it. I'm a proponent of conditioning the battery by using the charge up until you really need to charge it. The LED is very cool as there is no more guessing about charge left and time used.

The nine settings on the Personal Comfort level setting is a nice touch, but I've been using the razor on the normal setting with great results. At first I did set it back a few notches which led to less irritation at first, but now that my face is used to it the N setting works well without irritation.

One other thing I've found that really improves the shave. Williams Lectric Shave Utlra Pre-Shave "GEL". This is non-greasy and much better then their oil based formula. It really, really makes a difference.

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Very Close Shave, Overall Great Razor December 11, 2003

Reviewer: nk1007 from Kendall Park, NJ USA

The 889XL offers a very close shave (almost as close as a razor) and comes equipped with a few nice features. The LCD screen displaying battery life, though not necessary, is nifty (especially for those of us that like technology). The adjustable shaving settings have been useful; I find myself using a more "sensitive" skin setting for my neck area. My only complaint would be that the pop-up trimmer is horrible, so you might need to keep a razor to shave your sideburn area. Other than that, its a great product.


Close, but not QUITE the actual 007 razor... December 06, 2003

Reviewer: A guest from Juliette, GA USA

First of all, I would like to say that the Spectra 889n XL electric razor is without a doubt the finest I've ever owned. I get a closer shave and more features than I could have hoped for. I do, however, want to clear up one point which I'm not seeing a reference to in the other reviews.

The Norelco Spectra 8894 XL is the basic model of razor featured in the new 007 thriller "Die Another Day", but it's not the officially sponsored model. If you're a die-hard Bond fan, the Spectra 8895 XL is the one to look for. It is essentially the same razor as the 8894 XL, but it has the "007 - Die Another Day" movie logo painted on the side of the unit. I know most people will roll their eyes reading this, but if you are a dyed-in-the-wool fan of Ian Fleming's spy hero, as I am, you would be willing to spend the extra $ to get the logo on the side .

If you are a practical person with good taste in quality personal care gadgets, but not a huge movie or book fan, then the 8894 XL will make the most sense for you. If you have the same discriminating taste in gadgets, but are also a fierce 007 follower, then the 8895 XL will be your weapon of choice. I have to say that every morning I can look at the logo on my razor and smile knowing that I have the real thing.

As for built-in spy features, I haven't found any yet, but there is a curious button-looking thing on the back of the unit which I'm afraid to press...

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A Great Shaver: Improvement Over Norelco Quadra December 05, 2003

Reviewer: David H. Enzel from Chevy Chase, MD USA

The Norelco Quadra is an excellent shaver and I wondered if this shaver would do better or whether it just has more bells and whistles. Well, the Spectra does shave more smoothly and more closely than the Norelco Quadra. The shaver just glides across and shaves more closely than any other shaver I have used, electric or blade. It is pricey but worth it in my opinion. 100 minutes on a single charge is nice and the shaver is stainless steel. It feels great in the hand and comes with a matching stand and a leather pouch. Amazon[.com] price is the best I could find, along with excellent service.

Great looking smooth shave, less irritation,but a bit pricey December 04, 2003

Reviewer: machanta from Scotch Plains, NJ United States

I must admit that this is my first try at electronic shavers. I can't compare it with micro-film shavers, since I have never used one. It gives a dry, smooth shave, with very less irritation. I am still getting used to make it work well for all my facial contours. It has a nice adjustment to reduce skin irritation. I gave 4 stars, coz I am not really happy with the sideburn trimmer, and feel a little pricey for what you get.

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Nice shaver December 03, 2003

Reviewer: brian chang from san carlos, ca United States

Wow, I am truely impressed by the performance of this
shaver. You really do have to give your face time to adjust
to the electric razor. After a week of using my Spectra, the shave has become easier and closer. Probably still not as close
as my Mach 3 turbo, but pretty darn good. Just be sure to keep your old manual razor around to get the tough to reach areas.(neck,etcc.))

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Superior Product December 03, 2003

Reviewer: Travis Newman

I have used a variety of electric and disposable shavers and this is by far the most satisfying product on the market that I have come across. The razor is very easy to use, very close shave and very competitive price wise. I thought the design itself was elegant and the features were very useful. The fact that the product is used by James Bond is kind of fun as well. I just wished there were some spy gadget accessories like a laser or grappling hook. But for the most part, it is the best on the market and at one of the better prices.

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THE ULTIMATE IN RAZORS! November 26, 2003

Reviewer: G. Cooke from TX

Design and performance combine to make this the most efficent, smoothest shaver to be found. A state-of-the-art control dial offers nine settings which allows men to customize their shave no matter their skin type.

Cleaning this beauty is a breeze - simply rinse it under warm running water and, presto, the leftover whiskers are gone.

In this razor Norelco also employs a Super Lift & Cut technology for closeness and control when shaving.

Known as the James Bond razor because it is seen in the latest Bond film, the Spectra Shaving System fits right in with all the other high tech tools that 007 is known to favor.

And, just like Bond the Spectra is at home all over the world with 100 minutes of cordless shaving time when fully charged. It even boasts an LED display to keep track of remaining shave time, when the razor needs cleaning, and when the rotating heads need to be replaced.

How's that for high tech and performance?

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Trimmer no good November 23, 2003

Reviewer: A guest from USA

I have a minor complaint: the pop-up trimmer doesn't shave for diddly squat. So I keep a 25?razor to edge my sideburns. Else, I am very happy.

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Overall, the best electric razor on the market November 14, 2003

Reviewer: Joe Clements from Spring, Tx. United States

I have bought 6 different electric razors within the past 2 years and this 8894xl is by far the best on the market.It does everything very well,and great battery life. The markrting doesn,t due it justice.

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Best Electric Razor I've ever owned November 09, 2003

Reviewer: Jim B from Lynnwood, WA United States

Absolutly the best electric razor I've owned. I've previously always owned top of the line norelco's. The 8894XL is smoother and seems to shave closer and more complete than others.

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Outstanding November 01, 2003

Reviewer: Anthony from Milwaukee, WI USA

Having used various Norelco shavers over the past 20 years, this is by far Norelco's best effort to date. Comfortable, quiet, and best of all 100 minutes of shave time. Thus, eliminating the need for constant recharges. Although pricey, it is money well spent. I've gotten the best shave from this model, no irritation and my face was smooth as a babys skin.

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Believe the hype! October 12, 2003

Reviewer: Troy Dube from ECWI

Norelco's latest line of razors is definately an improvement in functionality as well as appearance. The closeness of the shave is unbeatable even with a razor. This being the "James Bond" edition, it is also very cool looking. The dark blue gloss finish is paired with stainless steel trim for a high-tech appearance. The razor also comes with a high quality leather travel bag.

Whether it is worth [money] over the base model is a good question. One must also factor in the fact that the base model doesn't even have a low batter indicator! The Spectra 8894x does have such a feature, as well as a clean razor and replace razor heads indicator. There is no choice in my opinion, this is definately the Spectra model to own.

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Excellent for an Electric Shaver October 04, 2003

Reviewer: Kevin J. McCann from Columbia, MD USA

I used a Braun shaver for about 10 years, but found that I had to shave at least once a week with a blade razor to prevent ingrown hairs. I have been using the Norelco 8894XL for about a week and so far no problems or temptation to shave with a blade. The shave is reasonably close, but compares with how my beard would be about 2-3 hours after shaving with a blade razor. The thing is cleaned with water - very convenient compared to my old Braun. ...P>I am not sure about the "James Bond" part - so far no babes or fast cars and my martinis tend to be stirred.

Added after a couple of months use: I have now had the razor for a couple of months. Still excellent. The ability to wash the razor out with water is a huge plus when it comes to cleaning. A single charge lasts for over an hour's worth of shaving - this is about 40-50 shaves for me. The indicator shows 100 minutes at full charge, but I haven't gone to zero yet.

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Smooth, COMPLETE, quiet shave. A godsend for sensitive skin September 25, 2003

Reviewer: joby34 from Austin, TX USA

I have very sensitive skin and have tried numerous methods of shaving over the years. Blades caused pain and rashes. The Braun 5520 that I just retired never seemed to shave my neck hairs effectively even after numerous passes. The Norelco 8894 XL does a superior job of shaving all areas of my face with minimal effort. It has numerous settings for normal to sensitive skin. I began with the normal setting, and my sensitive skin hasn't had a problem. The price of this razor represents a seemingly pricey investment, but is well worth it as shaving is a daily, inescapable activity. Washing the blades under tap water also seems much easier, and cheaper, than using special cartridges and cleaning methods required by the new top-of-the-line Braun. The time remaining display lets you know how much time remains, and is far superior to a suddenly blinking light letting you know your razor is dead as you began your shave as you rush out the door before that important meeting that I had with the Braun. Electric razor technology has improved considerably, and this is a great next step.

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Best Norelco Shaver Ever! September 07, 2003

Reviewer: wgreenberg from New York, NY USA

I have been shaving with Norelco products for over 20 years and have gone through several models with my last model being 58XX (I put it in the trash before writing this review so I didn't know the exact number) series reflex action model which lasted over 3 years. The new 8894XL Spectra shaver is by far the most superior electric shaver I have ever used. The Spectra series head movement far surpasses any other shavers. This shaver gives me a closer shave that last longer than my previous shaver. This series is worth the extra money over Norelco's other series.

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Could Not Find A Shaver That Didn't Rip My Face Off! August 14, 2003

Reviewer: Marty From SF from San Francisco, Ca.

I am cursed with very sensitive skin and get rashes every time I shave, even with a simple blade and "sensitive" shaving cream. I finally decided (after much research and a friends advice) to buy this (rather pricey I thought) Norelco. It was money well spent! I have not had a rash, nick or burn since! It is extremely smooth (interestingly shaped heads too) and I suspect it will last a long time. The timer gives you lots of warning in case you plan on taking it on the road. The leather case is kind of nice too. It's money well spent. Plus, you can always return it if you are not satisfied.

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Great Shave Beautifully made product! July 26, 2003

Reviewer: A guest from Baltimore, MD USA

This razor gives a wonderful shave. Lithium battery with 100 minutes of shaving time. I have used all the other High end razors in the last 10 years. This is the best. May son has the 300.00 Panasonic - this is a better product! It is priced fairly! Real Leather case.

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