REVO 1011 - Sleek - Sunglasses, RE1011.001

REVO 1011 - Sleek - Sunglasses, RE1011.001
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REVO 1011 - Sleek - Sunglasses, RE1011.001

REVO Sleek Sunglasses can benefit anyone all year round. Revo sunglasses like no other sunglasses in the world. Great mirror coatings provide 100% UV protection and eye comfort.

Revo sunglasses were developed by an optical engineer working on a NASA research project to develop special coatings for lenses on strategic defense system satellites. The goal was to protect the precision lenses and optics from the sun's harsh rays in outer space. One day he came up with the idea of applying the multi-layer thin film coatings to his own sunglasses and REVOlutionized the sunglasses industry
Size: 50/13/145

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