Sanyo SCP-5300 Wireless Phone with Embedded Camera for Sprint

Sanyo SCP-5300 Wireless Phone with Embedded Camera for Sprint
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Product Description

Shoot your photos, then share them using America's first phone with an embedded camera. The Sanyo 5300 PCS phone combines the functionality of a digital camera with the clear calls of a PCS phone.

* PCS Vision(SM) Capabilities*: Pictures, Messaging, Games, Ringers, Web, Screen Savers, and PCS Business Connection(SM)
* PCS Full -olor Screen: 2.1" vivid 65k-color TFT LCD
* Calendar: Carry your calendar wherever you go so you can create appointments and view your schedule at a moment's notice
* Built-in Camera and Flash: Auto-focus 4x and 16x digital zoom lens lets you take a picture anytime and share it with family and friends instantly; the built-in flash improves picture quality in low-light conditions; no PC or additional battery required
* Caller ID* Support: See numbers of incoming calls in areas supported by Caller ID; if stored in your Phone Book, you'll see the name, too
* Power Save Mode: The phone goes into this mode automatically to preserve battery life when not in a service area
* Band Type: Dual band
* Enhanced Call Log: Recalls most recent outgoing and incoming numbers, including missed calls
* External Color Display: External 1" 65k-color screen with Photo Caller ID* lets you know who's calling without opening the phone
* Internal Phone Book: Assign up to 300 entries, each storing up to 7 numbers, for a total of 500 entries and up to 300 e-mail and Web addresses
* Messages*: Receive numeric and text messages in areas that offer messaging services
* Multiple Languages: Supports both English and Spanish languages; a simple setting lets you select the language used for menu items
* Pictures: Shoot digital pictures with a built-in VGA Smart Camera, then share them through your PCS Phone (640x480 pixels)
* Voice-Activated Dialing: Say the name of the person you want to call and the number is dialed automatically without using the keypad
* Voicemail*: One-touch access to voicemail messages
* Camera Specifications: Resolution: 310,000 pixels Mode Selection: VGA (640x480), QVGA (320x240),QQVGA (160x120) Options: Flash (On/Off), Self-timer (10 sec, 5 sec, Off) White Balance (Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent) Color Tone (Antique, Black & White, Negative) Shutter Volume: Adjustable Zoom: X4 (when QVGA), X4 and X16 (when QQVGA) Flash: Portrait flash by high-luminance LED is most effective when the object is about 2' or 3' from the phone
* Security Lock: You can enter a private code to "lock" your phone so others can't make unauthorized calls or gain access to your personal information
* Enhanced Ring Tones: Personalize your phone by downloading images and ring tones*
* Dimensions: 3.7x1.9x1.1" (9.4x4.8x2.8cm) (HWD)
* Weight: 4.13 oz. (117.1g)
* Battery life: About 2.7 hours talk time or 10.4 days of stand-by time

* Network- or subscription-based service. Not available in all areas.

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