Wilson A3000 K87-DB Kip-leather (11 3/4") Baseball Gloves

Wilson A3000 K87-DB Kip-leather (11 3/4") Baseball Gloves
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Wilson A3000 K87-DB is made from Pro-Stock Kip Leather which is a top grade leather long prized by Major League players for its comfort, consistency and durability. This baseball glove offers EXO tech, a hard protective and supporting finger structure to maintain the pocket stability in all conditions. Its unidirectional construction allows the glove to easily flex inward while delivering maximum pocket stability. The new A3000 combines the strength of an exoskeleton with top-grade kip leather that delivers unmatched control and durability. Sorbothane, the new technology offered on the new A3000 series gloves, allows the shock-absorbing index pad to reduce the pressure on the hand while still allowing for maximum feel for the ball. This A3000 glove also offers the new Dri-Lex technology. This Dri-Lex technology is an ultra-breathable wrist lining that transfers moisture away from the skin, keeping your hand cool and dry. The external skeleton flexes in the forward direction only. For right hand thrower.

Size: 11 3/4".

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